New Kidneys Killed Transplant Patients Weeks After Operation

Two kidney transplant patients have died just weeks after being given new kidneys that were infected with a parasitic worm.

42 year old Darren Hughes and Robert ‘Jim’ Stuart, aged 67, were both given kidneys from a donor that was carrying the deadly parasites in his organs when he died. Doctors at the University Hospital of Wales, in Cardiff, were unaware of the donor’s infection. The worm, known as Halicephalobus, is found in horses and lives in soil. The infection of the men are two of only five cases ever recorded across the world – everyone who’s been infected has died as a result.

Both families are now taking legal action and in inquest into each death is due to be held next week. Both patients had kidney transplants in November 2013 and both died before Christmas of, post-mortem results revealed, Meningeoencephaltis – an infection caused by the worm.

At the moment, both families are taking advice from medical negligence lawyers in an attempt to get some answers into how their loved ones were allowed to die.

Director of nursing at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board said:

“This is a unique and tragic case and everyone at the health board extends their sincere and heartfelt sympathies to the families involved.

The health board requested its own independent, external review to establish why these patients died.

That report has been provided to the coroner’s office and we continue to support his investigation into these tragic deaths. It would be inappropriate to comment further ahead of the inquest.”

Express Solicitors is saddened to hear of this news and wishes its warmest condolences to the families involved.

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