NHS In Wales Offers To Remove PIP Breast Implants

In a further development in the ongoing PIP (Poly Implant Prothese) breast implants controversy the Welsh government has pledged to replace the implants of any women where there is a clinical need. Falling short of ordering a mass removal of all PIP implants women will be seen on a case by case basis.
They must prove they have initially sought a removal from the private clinic where they had the initial operation and also be registered with a GP in Wales. The tight restrictions are necessary because to date the NHS in England has not offered similar pledge.

45000 Women Believed To Have PIP Implants

With an estimated 45000 women in England believed to have PIP implants the scale of the problem in England dwarfs that of Wales where only 2000 women are believed to have them. The government and NHS in England maintain that no mass removal is required.
Some high profile celebrities including the model and TV personality Jodie Marsh have spoken out with concerns over their implants. She has placed on record her fears for her health and how she faces an anxious wait to learn whether or not she has PIP implants.
While her story may receive tabloid coverage it is important to remember that with 45000 women affected the majority of women at risk are not famous people in the public eye but ordinary working women who underwent an increasingly common surgical procedure to enhance their appearance.

Women Urged To Consult GP If Concerned Over PIP Implants

Having placed their trust in the surgeon and clinic the uncertainty over whether one’s implants are dangerous or not must be terrifying. I urge any women who haven’t yet done so to seek advice from both their private clinic as well as their GP as soon as possible.
If you have PIP implants you may be able to make a claim for compensation. Please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Clinical Negligence solicitor.
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