NHS Will Suffer If Legal Aid Is Axed

Last week I blogged discussing the proposed cuts to legal aid and how they could destroy access to justice for many people in this country.  I believe sufferers of clinical negligence will be the worst affected as their cases are uniquely difficult to fund due to their high risk nature.

Victims Of Clinical Negligence Helpless Without Legal Aid

If just Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA) are left then many people who have suffered terribly from botched operations or poor treatment at the hands of the NHS will be left helpless unless they can afford to stump up for lawyer’s fees in advance. And I believe this would be felt universally: here at Express Solicitors I don’t have a single private paying client with an injury case. Even people with a bit of money behind them will be in a difficult position as the types of cost generally involved in this area of work can be pretty large.
Furthermore I think the changes will cost the NHS a great deal too. Whatever the Ministry Of Justice saves by scrapping legal aid will cost the NHS far more as the bill for settling clinical negligence claims may increase exponentially. This is because the cost of clinical negligence claims when funded through a CFA instead of legal aid is much higher as solicitors rightfully charge a success fee upon winning to cover the aforementioned risk.

Abolishing Legal Aid May Cost NHS

Couple this with the often large investigative costs which will be incurred at the beginning of the case before a view of merits can be formed and it’s clear that the Ministry Of Justice’s saving on legal aid could hurt the NHS’s bank balance.
If you or a member of your family has suffered clinical negligence please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist clinical negligence lawyer.
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