Nightclub Slip Claim Wins £25,000

Lucy Saddleworth, a 26year old hairdresser from Kent has been awarded £25,000 after a night out with friends left her without two front teeth and a nose fracture. Miss Saddleworth went to a club in Kent at 12.50am on a Friday night in October and headed to the bar to get herself an alcoholic drink. Once being served she left her drink on a nearby table and approached the dance floor with her friends. The dance floor was wet as drinks were allowed on it and many people had caused spillages. It was this that caused Lucy to slip, falling forward onto the ground and hitting the DJ booth on the way down. As a result of her slipping that night she lost two front teeth that required replacement crowns as well as root canal surgery. Miss Saddleworth also fractured her nose and suffers frequently from nose bleeds.

Because the nightclub should have cleaned up the spillages on the dance floor to prevent slipping they were held liable for Miss Saddleworth’s injuries. Perhaps it was the case that the nightclub didn’t employ an adequate number of staff that night meaning that spillages could not be dealt with immediately. Essentially, the nightclub had failed in its duty to take responsibility for maintaining the safety of the dance floor area for their customers.

Thanks to the work carried out by Express Solicitors, Miss Saddleworth has been awarded £25,000 in compensation to help (in part) to pay for the extensive dental work she now requires.

If you have been injured at a nightclub and it was not your fault please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Occupiers Liability Solicitor.

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