It’s not too late – £5,500 awarded to client after cut to hand at work

Miss Hussain instructed Express Solicitors in March 2016 following an accident that she had sustained while at work on the 18th December 2013. Express Solicitors did not hesitate to take on the case, despite there being only 9 months until the 3 year limitation period was due to expire.

Our client was employed by the Defendant, Headmasters Salons Limited as a hairdresser and a beautician. On the day of her accident, Miss Hussain was asked by her manager to attend a meeting. However, on this occasion, none of the meeting rooms were vacant and therefore, our client was asked the sit on the floor in the hallway. Whilst she was sat down, she caught her hand on a piece of glass that was on the floor.

As a result, our client sustained superficial laceration to the right hand and subsequently developed tenderness and hyperpathia to the same. Our client attempted to continue with her job working in the beauty industry, however had great difficulty doing so; therefore she was obliged to take a career break for some time.

Liability was admitted by the Defendant and upon disclosure of our medical evidence; an initial offer was made of £2,500. After considering the Judicial College Guidelines, we advised our Client that this offer was lower than the value of her claim and that her claim was worth significantly more.

Without hesitation, we prepared and issued court proceedings against the Defendant. This not only ensured that negotiation between ourselves and the Defendant continued but also protected our client against the impending limitation date.

The Defendant increased their offer to £5,075 and subsequently £5,500 which, following our advice, was accepted by our client in full and final settlement of her claim.

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