£55,000 for client who tripped over negligently placed tarmac after initially being only offered £2,000

Express Solicitors has helped to recover £55,000 for a client who was injured whilst she was shopping.

The client instructed Express Solicitors after she was injured whilst shopping at the Westway Cross Retail Park in Greenford London on 7th August 2013. The car park was having construction works undertaken on it and the construction company had created temporary walkways for customers to use. Whilst using one of the walkways, the client tripped over a raised ridge of tarmac that crossed one of the walkways, causing her to suffer injuries to her back, arm, foot and ankle.

Express Solicitors wrote to the company who were responsible for the construction works at the site and they admitted liability for the accident early on. Prior to admitting liability, they offered the client £2,000 to settle the case, which was rejected.

Express Solicitors then instructed two Orthopaedic Surgeons to provide written evidence in relation the client’s injuries. It was clear from their reports that our client’s injuries were unlikely to recover completely and she would be left with lifelong symptoms. Express Solicitors then instructed an Occupational Therapist to provide a detailed report which discussed all of the assistance and mechanical aides that the client would require in the future because of the accident. These aides included item such as a recliner chair and a walk in bath/shower.

Once the medical evidence was finalised, it was all disclosed to the Solicitors who were representing the construction company. They initially made offers of £18,000 and £20,000, both of which the client rejected on the advice of Express Solicitors. Express Solicitors sought specialist advice from a barrister in relation to the likely settlement that the client could expect to recover. Upon receipt of the written advice from the barrister and after Ryan Postlethwaite engaged in telephone negotiations with the Defendant’s Solicitor, a settlement was agreed in the sum of £55,000 which will enable the client to attempt to return to normality after a number of years of suffering after the accident.

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