Broken Back from Trampoline park

I am currently representing a 29 year old personal assistant from Shropshire who sustained a fractured spine whilst attending a trampoline park.

Sarah McManus attended Flip Out Trampoline Park in Chester with her friends. After using the trampoling area, Sarah moved on to the Tower Jump. This consisted of a 4 metre high jump into a foam pit. Sarah was instructed to jump and land in a seated position.  Despite landing in the correct position, when Sarah hit the bottom she fractured her T12 vertebrae, causing immediate pain in her lower back and abdomen.Flip out

Following the accident Sarah sought urgent medical attention and was fitted with a back brace which she had to wear up to 23 hours a day. Due to the extent of her injuries Sarah was unable to work and drive.  Sarah is a keen walker and her injuries also prevented her from partaking in this hobby.

After undertaking research I became aware that unfortunately Sarah was not the only person to have sustained a serious injury as a result of this activity. It appeared in the space of 2 months, Sarah was one of 4 people who sustained serious back injuries doing the same activity. Naturally this was concerning as serious injuries, such as those sustained by Sarah, should not occur at the frequency reported.Tower

Due to this concern Express Solicitors contacted media outlets. Initially stories were run in various local and national newspapers. As a result of the exposure, interest increased and I was contacted by itv to do a televised interview, and heart fm to do a radio interview. Interest arose in Sarah’s story due to the level of injuries she had sustained, the fact that she had performed the jump as instructed, and that she was one of a number that sustained serious injuries on the same apparatus in such a short space of time.

Trampolining parks are relatively new craze. They only first appeared in the UK in 2014, but their numbers have grown rapidly to around 140 across the UK currently. Until March 2017 this activity was largely unregulated. As a result of the growth in parks and users, and unfortunate accidents such as Sarah’s, in March 2017 the BSI (British Standards Institution) published standards from trampoline parks. Inspections are due to commence in August 2017 to ensure trampoline parks comply with the relevant safety standards. Hopefully this will reduce/prevent the chances of someone suffering similar injuries as Sarah, and allow people to undertake this fun activity in a safe and controlled environment.

The Tower Jump was subsequently removed by Flip Out. Sarah’s case is continuing.

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