Problems with rented houses

We have recently successfully represented one client who had two separate accidents in her rented home.

Our client and her husband were looking for a new rented house and looked around the property in question. They both noticing some issues with the property which was reported to the agent including the outside lighting which seemed faulty and the patio steps which were loose and uneven. She was told by the agent that all the repairs would be carried out prior to her moving in. She moved into the property with her husband in February 2014.paving

When she had moved in the repairs had not been carried out as she was promised. She called the agent multiple times asking the repairs to be carried out as promised but nothing happened.  After being in the property for a while she suffered two separate accidents the first when she was walking on patio steps when the step came lose causing her to fall and suffer a sprain to her ankle.

The second more serious accident was when the outside lights fuse tripped and as she went to look at the fuse she was given an electrical shock due to faulty electrics.  She was thrown to the other side of the room and into a metal filing cabinet.  As a result, she sustained an injury to her back. The injuries affected her ability to work.  They subsequently left the property in October 2014 due to the ongoing issues with the agent.fuse

The defendant admitted that there was a fault with the electric but denied liability that they were aware of the fault with the steps. Despite admitting that the electrics where faulty the defendant still fought the claim not believing that the injuries where caused by the faulty electrics. The defendants also denied that our client had made the complaints about the steps prior to when she moved in or subsequently.

We were successful in proving and settling both cases for our client.  The cases were settled for the total sum of £4,250.

If you are moving into a new property make sure that you inspect the property carefully and obtain a professional survey if required. Make sure you keep a record of all report of defects to the landlord included what was reported and when it was reported.

If you unfortunately do happen to have suffered an accident and wish to obtain legal advice, then please do not hesitate to contact us.


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