How do we value your claim?

Once liability has been decided and we have reached the stage where we start to put a value upon your claim, there is a set process which will be followed by your file handler. It is important to note that this stage of your claim can be the lengthiest, the reason being we want to get the best possible outcome for you.

At this stage it is important for us to gather as much evidence as possible to value your claim. We will start by requesting your medical records, which we do with the help of our on-site medical agency. They will also assist us in making an appointment for you to see an independent expert, who will have a discussion with you regarding your injuries and will write a report based on the conversation you have had. The medical professional will use their expertise to diagnose the injury and also state how long they believe the injuries will have an impact on your life for, or if you are fully healed they will state how long the injury lasted for. If necessary, they will outline any further treatment requirements to get you back to full health as soon as possible.

Once the medical report is received by us, we will then start to put a value upon your claim. We use the 14th edition of the JC guidelines to assist, which is basically an online database which sets out different kinds of injuries and what value of compensation they will attract

Compensation Calculator

The brackets stated in here can be quite wide and vague so we then also look at quantum reports to try to narrow it down. A quantum report is a report on a previous case, which outlines details of the injuries suffered and also what level of compensation was awarded. We will filter our search to look specifically at previous cases of a similar nature where similar injuries have been suffered. A comparison of a number of these cases will then allow us to advise you realistically, before we start to negotiate with the defendants.

Once our research is complete and we are ready to advise you, we will send you a copy of the medical report for you to consider, along with a letter containing our advice on what we believe a realistic first offer would be. At this point, if there are any errors within the medical report it is crucial that you inform us, as we cannot make any amendments once it has been sent to the defendants. Should you be happy with the contents, we can then start to negotiate.

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