Pregnant Lady Who Slipped At Work Wins £2,800

Cheryl Barnes, a pregnant lady from Saltburn-by-Sea slipped on stairs whilst at work. She has now been awarded £2,800 compensation thanks to the great work carried out by Assistant Solicitor, Roshan Mairza.

Miss Barnes was in the lower level of a kitchen and was walking up some stairs that lead to the bar area of a restaurant. She was carrying two plates but then fell on the stairs leading to the bar. Miss Barnes fell down 4 steps and landed directly on her coccyx bone, scraping her right knee and elbow against the wall too.

The stairs that Miss Barnes fell down were painted and there was a strip of gritty tape on the end of each step in an attempt to try and make them slip proof. However, the grip was completely worn away and therefore useless in helping prevent any slips. Other employees had raised their concerns about the stairs to the manager before. At one point the manager looked into replacing them with new ones but this never got arranged. Furthermore, no health and safety training was given to employees and no risk assessments were carried out to protect employees safety.

Miss Barnes was 3 months pregnant when the accident took place. Luckily no harm came to her unborn baby, although she did suffer from scrapes to her elbow, bruising to her right knee and back pain lasting from 3-4months.

It can be pointed that Miss Barnes’ employers had ultimately failed in their duty to maintain the safety of the workplace by not providing appropriate grips on the stairs to prevent slipping.

For anybody who has an accident in the workplace (that was through no fault of their own) the Workplace Regulations 1992 apply. These regulations require all employers to provide a safe working environment, free from obstructions, defects or substances that could cause somebody to become injured.

Thanks to the work carried out by Roshan Mairza at Express Solicitors, Miss Barnes has been awarded £2,800 in compensation for the pain and suffering sustained from the injury.

If you have been injured at work and it was not your fault please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Employers Liability Solicitor.

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