Push For Savings Lead To Fear For Nursing Standards

Interesting article by the BBC’s health correspondent this week highlighting concerns over the push for savings in the NHS. While many accept that in the current economic climate public spending cuts are necessities there is growing evidence that the pressure to save cash in the NHS is affecting the level of care provided.

Health Organisations Report Increased Waiting Times 

The Department of Health maintains that standards are not slipping yet both the Royal College Of Nursing and the Patients Association are reporting that waiting times are increasing and quality of care is decreasing. 
My colleague Victoria Oakley discussed in a recent blog how Consultant Surgeons’ workloads are becoming a concern and by the same token nurses’ performances may slip should cuts mean longer hours increased workload and low morale.

Workload Of Nurses Detrimental To Levels Of Care Provided

In the BBC article nurses interviewed but who did not want to named reported how an increased workload means less time to build up a rapport with patients something which may prove invaluable in helping an individual at risk of suicide or who is likely to selfharm. Another interviewee said she could envisage how due to staff shortages the wrong drugs could be administered to a patient.
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