Psychological injuries following a Road traffic accident

I will start by saying that, one in four adults and one in ten children are affected by mental illness each year.

There are many different factors that cause or result in different types of mental health issues, here at Express we deal with psychological injuries that are suffered as the result of a traumatic event.

Following road traffic accidents the focus is mainly on the physical injuries the victims are suffering from, however, few realise that psychological injuries are just as relevant and as such them injuries go undiagnosed and go untreated resulting in longer lasting symptoms.Mental

Despite the attempts to remove the stigma of the of admitting to having mental health issues, there is still a general reluctance from victims to share the fact that they are struggling with the psychological affects that come after such a traumatic event.  Not speaking out about this means that we have no idea of the struggles that each individual is dealing with and we cannot claim the proper amount of compensation if we are not aware of the injury because victims are too embarrassed to speak up about what they are going through.

Sometimes even if we are made aware of the issues that our clients are dealing with, they may not have spoken to their GP or any other medical professional about it which makes it difficult to claim compensation, this is because for a psychological injury to be a ‘valid injury’ in the claims process it must be a recognised medical condition.

We want our clients to understand that suffering in silence is not the answer and that they deserve to get the help they need in regards to their overall wellbeing, but to do so, we need to know of all the effects on them, whether physical or psychological, as a result of their accident.

Psychological injuries are just as important to recognise as they can be just as, or even more, debilitating than the physical.  It is so important not to suffer in silence and to recognise that it is nothing to be ashamed of and you should make it a priority to look after your mental health in every aspect and we are happy to help in any way we can.

Many of us are aware of the recent focus in the media and the new push for mental health awareness which has been highlighted by the Government, whom has pledged to reform the Mental Health Act 1983 and has also proposed the expansion of mental health services throughout the UK which will no doubt aid in spreading awareness and understanding of mental health for the future.


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