Serious Case Of Food Poisoning Causes Lasting Illness

A client of mine recently dined at an Indian restaurant near her home in Barry Wales. What should have been a relaxing and enjoyable night been out soon turned sour when she became violently ill soon after tasting her food.

Symptoms Persist Four Months After Food Poisoning

After experiences diarrhoea vomiting and painful stomach cramps she was admitted to hospital and kept in overnight. The symptoms persisted and it was a very worrying time for her and her family. Eventually diagnosed with gastroenteritis to compound her misery she still suffers from post infectious irritable bowel syndrome more than four months on from the incident.
The medical report confirmed that it was indeed food poisoning that was the cause. The restaurant in question has some serious concerns regarding food hygiene and I sincerely hope that my client’s claim for compensation compels them to improve their food handling and kitchen standards.

Legal Action Can Help Improve Hygiene Standards

We are experiencing more and more food poisoning claims many of which occur after individuals dine out at restaurants. It really shouldn’t be necessary but instructing a specialist Food Poisoning Solicitor can help ensure that individuals dining at the restaurant in question do not suffer food poisoning. It can go a long way to jolting the management into action and dramatically improving the standards of hygiene in an establishment.
If you or a member of your family have become ill after eating out at a restaurant please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Food Poisoning Solicitor.
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