Sonae Industria Fire

On the 9th June 2011, a fire broke out at the Sonae Industria plant in Knowsley.  The plant contained 12,000 tonnes of woodchip along with other hazardous materials causing toxic chemical filled smoke to billow for 8 days over the local area. This smoke has caused many local Kirkby residents and employees to develop health problems including; breathing difficulties, bronchitis, chest tightness, tonsillitis, pneumonia, inflamed itchy eyes, red dry skin, headaches and dizziness.

The Portuguese owners of the factory have admitted they were at fault meaning that anyone suffering from health complaints due to the fire has the potential to receive financial compensation.

The Sonae factory has now been shut down and over 10,000 people have joined a Group Litigation Order to claim compensation against the company. In order to be successful in a claim of this nature, it is essential that claimants have sufficient proof of their injuries/illness through medical records and testing.

Lawyers for this case are currently examining toxicology reports, weather conditions on the 8 days the fire was burning, and also which claimants lived or worked within close proximity of the factory. These factors will be used to determine the possible severity of claimant’s injuries.

The time limit for being added to the Group Litigation Order has just been extended to 22nd November 2013, meaning that if you believe your health has suffered in any way due to the fire then you still have the chance of coming forward to make a claim for compensation.

Express Solicitors are specialists in Industrial Disease and can offer legal advice and help with making a claim for compensation against Sonae Indstira. For more information, please call us on 0845 456 4007. 

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