Spanner In The Works Causes Injury To Cycle Enthusiast

All too often, the terms ‘industry standard’ or “industrial strength” are used to describe a products that really aren’t. Manufactures and retailers will wax lyrical about the robustness, power and safety of a product and how, because it’s used in industry, it will serve you well at home.

A client of ours was recently fed a similar spiel by an enthusiastic salesman when he was looking for a spanner to use in his home garage. He decided to purchase a product manufactured by Hilka. The company states on its website that their tools are ‘made to the highest standard using verifiable international standards for manufacturing’.

Our client is a keen cyclist, and bought the Hilka spanner to facilitate the changing of pedals on his bicycle. Confident that it was fit for purpose, he set to work on the job. The spanner snapped, and caused a nasty injury to the gentleman’s wrist.

A lot of skin was removed, and the area was painful and sensitive for weeks. He had to curtail his cycling until it healed, and his home and work life was greatly inconvenienced.

However, I’m pleased to say we brought a claim for compensation against Hilka and secured our client a fair compensation package of £2,300.

From the number of individuals who contact us regarding similar matters, it does seem the term ‘industry standard’ is bandied about at will to entice the consumer. If products as flimsy the one our client was sold was genuinely industry standard, British manufacturing really would be in trouble.

If you have been sold a product that was clearly not fit for purpose and has caused Personal Injury, please contact us today to discuss you claim free of charge with a specialist Defective Products Solicitor.

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