Telephone number spoofing is unfortunately relatively easy to do using modern telephony systems and is just one of the many tools used by criminals to obtain information from individuals and potentially commit fraud.

Our advice both in relation to Express Solicitors and more generally to avoid being a victim of such activity is that if you have any doubt about the call or caller then you should end the call and call back the company using a published number rather than simply returning the call received. You should not provide any information to the caller unless you are confident you are speaking to the right company.

While the caller may present our 0161 904 4660 number you can still use that to call us as while these criminals can display any number on their outbound calls they will not receive calls made to that number.

If you are a client of Express Solicitors then we encourage you to be familiar with the people involved in handling your matter. Should you be unsure if the person calling is from Express you could ask them to confirm information that you have provided to us previously which would not be easy for others to know.