Surgeons Voice Concerns Over NHS Operation Waiting Times

Worrying to read that Peter Kay  president of the British Orthopaedic Association reporting patients are suffering increased delays for operations due to costcutting measures taken by the NHS. More and more routine operations are being postpones and GPs have been encouraged to use new pain thresholds when prescribing procedures like knee and hip surgery.

Delaying Operations Costs NHS More In Long Run

Mr. Kay used the delay in these types of surgery as an example of how these short term savings are a false economy for the NHS. In delaying a hip or knee replacement the operation may not be as successful as it would have been if done immediately. Therefore more care will needed to be provided for the patient which will all cost doctors visits physiotherapy maybe even a mobility scooter if the joint is still too painful to walk on.
Often patients are left in excruciating pain while they wait for their operations and having to wait until the turn of the new financial year something some GPs have been told to do when referring for operations will be of little comfort to an individual who cannot walk far due to severe pain.

Waiting Too Long For Operation Can Jeopardise Chances Of Success

A hip or knee replacement can give a new lease of life to someone in their golden years and in my eyes letting their condition to deteriorate thus jeopardizing their chances of a successful operation is completely unacceptable.
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