Things To Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured due to the negligence of someone else, then this could be affecting you in many different ways. You could be emotionally hurt or physically hurt, and you may also have been unable to work for a time or had to spend money on medical treatment to get you back to your best. If this has happened, you will need to find the right lawyer who will represent you to try and get some form of compensation for your suffering. It’s not easy to find the perfect personal injury lawyer and with that in mind, here are a number of questions that you can ask prospective lawyers to be sure you’re working with someone who can handle your case well.

What qualifications do you have to handle my case?

You must be certain about the reputation of the law firm you intend to use, so you might want to ask about the training and qualifications of the lawyers on the team. This could be a confidence-boosting point to be sure you are dealing with a reputable law firm. Law fits that have The Law Society’s personal injury accreditation, membership of Lexcel and those that are APIL accredited are good ones to go for.

How much will I pay and when will I pay it?

The majority of the personal injury lawyers will work on a no-win, no-fee basis. Here, you will only pay if you win your case and are awarded compensation. Your fees will be charged once you have received your compensation. This will mean that you will not pay any fees if you don’t win the case. However, although the majority of solicitors offer a no win, no fee service, it’s not a given and is something that should be established before you agree to use a company’s services.

Will I get all the compensation?

Usually, if your case is taken on a no win, no fee basis, your solicitor will take a portion of your award. Before agreeing to use the services of any solicitor, you should establish what percentage they charge. Transparency is key here. A reputable law firm will let you know their fees and how they work in detail.

How many years have you worked in this field?

Find out the number of years that the law firm has been practicing in the personal injury field. You need to be sure that you are working with a well-experienced lawyer, but also one who undergoes regular training and keeps up to date with what is happening within their particular specialist area.

Who will handle my case?

A law firm is always made up of several lawyers, who specialise in different areas and have different levels of experience. When you are hiring a law firm, you need to be sure that you’re not passed from pillar to post and you’re always kept up to date with the progress of your case. This will be important as you’ll want to know where you’re up to at any point in time and it would be frustrating if you were to have to wait a long time for a response. Here at Express, you’ll know exactly where you are at all times. You’ll have regular contact with the solicitor handling your case and they’ll explain exactly what’s going on.

How long will it take?

You will also need to know the time the lawsuit will take to be filed. Lawyers tend to deal with many cases simultaneously, but they should have an average timescale to give you.

It is obviously an important step to hire a lawyer, so to do so you need to know about the law firm in depth, and also understand the process. Knowing everything in advance will help you prepare for any outcome, which will lead to a much better experience.

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