Tripped Over a Pothole? What Evidence Do You Need to Win Your Claim?

If you’ve had an accident in a public place then you may be eligible to bring a claim for compensation.  You may have tripped in a pothole on a pavement or when crossing the road, but if you want to bring a claim for personal injury then you will need evidence to support your claim.

Clearly your first priority is going to be your own health and well-being and you should always go and see your GP and get yourself checked out or attend hospital if your injuries are  serious.

If you do then decide to pursue a claim for compensation it is important to obtain the right evidence from an early stage and the first thing you should consider is photographic evidence of the area where your accident occurred.

If you have tripped in a pothole you will need to take measured photographs of the pothole with a ruler to include measurements of both the depth and width of the hole. If you have tripped over a raised area of paving then again measured photographs showing the height of the raised area will greatly assist your claim. Additional photographs should be taken which demonstrate the surrounding area and show precisely where the pothole is located and you should also keep a note of the direction you were travelling in when your accident occurred. It is also important to note any identifying landmarks that will help your solicitor and the local authority to identify the pothole that caused your accident. This could be the property number the pothole is outside of or if it is near any particular road signs or road markings.

It is also helpful if you are able to give an indication of how long the pothole or other defect has been present for whether through your own knowledge or through the witness evidence of others.

A final point to consider is reporting the accident to your local authority or council so that they have a record of the incident.

Brining a claim can be a daunting procedure but the more evidence you can obtain the better position you put yourself in of ultimately being successful. Express Solicitors are here to guide you through the process and can assist with obtaining the above evidence but the sooner the evidence is obtained the better.

For a guide to taking photographs of the pot hole that caused your injury, please take a look at the following guide: 

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