UK School Suffers E Coli Scare

E coli has been the subject of much discussion again in the media recently with tragic deaths in Europe believed to have been caused by ‘killer’ cucumbers or infected bean sprouts. 
Closer to home a school in Bristol was closed after an outbreak of E coli caused 16 pupils and 7 pupils to become ill suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea.

E Coli Case Unrelated To European Outbreak

Thankfully this outbreak was not linked to the outbreak caused by salad vegetables in Germany and after an extensive deep clean the school reopenedyesterday. Returning pupils are required to complete a questionnaire and undergo tests to help establish the cause of the outbreak. This example serves as a reminder that best practice should always be followed when preparing food especially so when children are involved.

Proper Food Practices Crucial In Preventing E Coli

E coli outbreaks typically occur when food is poorly stored or inadequately prepared. Undercooked meat and contaminated or unpasteurised milk are the usual suspects involved with the problem spread from person to person through poor hygiene. .
Painful cramps and bloody diarrhoea are common among sufferers and the condition can prove fatal as we have seen in Europe recently. As well as E coli diagnosis of salmonella and campylobacter are on the increase and if you have suffered from any of these types of illness as a result of dining at a restaurant or while holidaying abroad then please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist illness solicitor.
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