Wheelchair Protester Complaint Against Police Upheld

Interesting to see blogger Jody McIntyre’s complaint against the police upheld after the disabled blogger was pulled from his wheelchair by officers during last year’s student cuts protests. Millions worldwide were shocked and appalled at footage of the wheelchairbound man who suffers from cerebral palsy being dragged along the road by police officers on 9th December 2010.

Excessive Force Used By Officers

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) concluded that in dragging Jody McIntyre to the ground officers had used excessive force and that the officers’ behaviour fell way below what is expected of British police officers.
It’s hard to argue how dragging a clearly unarmed man unable to walk by himself along a road and then onto the floor would ever be acceptable behaviour for a police officer. The IPCC also acknowledged that Jody McIntyre had received a baton strike and that there may be a charge of criminal assault to answer although it could not identify the officer responsible for this.

Police Must Act With Restraint During Protests

Admittedly tensions are high during protests and emotions can be raw on the sides of both the protestors and the authorities. Yet the police are trained to deal with these situations calmly even in the face of provocation ensuring the public can protest and make their voice heard safely. Even in instances of violent criminal protesting frustrations must not be taken out on innocent members of the public as appears to have happened in the case of Jody McIntyre.
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