My Whole Self day

In January 2020 I had the pleasure of completing the Mental Health First Aid England qualification. I am now one of two certified Mental Health First Aiders at Express Solicitors. Our goal is to change the conversation about mental health in the workplace and we aim to do this by making conversation about mental health as normal as it is our physical health.Whole self

Express Solicitors are building a culture where all employees are encouraged to talk about their mental health openly. We wholeheartedly support this and in order to support it we recognise that employees need to know the people they might talk to have the right skills, knowledge and confidence to help. When an employee feels ready to open up and talk, how someone responds can have a massive impact on recovery. So, we wanted to find a way that ensures us as an Employer that we are equipped to have such open conversations. This is what the Mental Health First Aid qualification has enabled myself and Partner, Laura Edgeley to do.  The two day course helps support you to prepare for conversations with employees who are struggling with their mental health and it provides you with the knowledge and resources to effectively signpost further support to those that need it. The course for me was particularly insightful, expanding beyond the assumptions of mental health and broadening my knowledge as well as experience. By completing the course in a small group, we were also able to share experiences and learn from each other which was even more beneficial.


Express Solicitors is dedicated to improving and preserving the mental health of our employees. Completing the Mental Health First Aid course is one step further to helping us in our aim to normalise conversations about mental health and signpost further support available where necessary to all employees.

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