Woman Awarded £5,000 for an Injury Sustained on a Travelator

Erin Davidson visited an ASDA store in Kingshill on the 7th November. After finishing shopping, she decided to use the  travelator outside the store. Unbeknownst to Mrs Davidson, the trolley got jammed on the travelator and subsequently jammed into her abdomen, adding to the pain which she had experienced after undergoing a medical procedure two days previously.

ASDA had recognised that Mrs Davidson was now experiencing a lot of pain and brought her a wheel chair as well as a member of staff trained in first aid.

The trolley had been left in an unsafe state, with the front right wheel wrapped in dead leaves which should have been removed by a member of staff. The wheels on the trolley normally locked into the travelator near the bottom of it so that the trolley can safely and smoothly exit the travelator, but due to the wheels being covered in leaves the trolley could not properly lock into it. As the trolley jammed, it could not exit the travelator and got stuck.

As the trolley jammed on the travelator, Mrs Davidson’s body slammed into it – her stomach forcefully being pressed against the trolley and her foot getting twisted within the travelator. This resulted in severe muscular pain emanating from her lower stomach and her toe becoming bright red and swollen.

The injuries sustained  resulted in her GP prescribing her paracetamol. After having an operation to her lower stomach (which had left her in pain and sensitive to further trauma), Mrs Davidson now had to take painkillers to help her deal with the muscular pain which was the result of ASDA’s negligence. The GP had made it clear that the pain she experienced was not because of the operation but from the accident on the travelator.

Trainee solicitor, Catherine Moore, at Express Solicitors looked at the case and determined that ASDA was liable for Mrs Davidson’s injuries and successfully secured £5,000 compensation for her.

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