At Express Solicitors we fight for what we believe in, when it comes to issues affecting both our clients and the legal sector.

We often add our voice to campaigns being run by other organisations in order to add weight and provide strength in numbers. 

You will find details of the campaigns Express have been involved in below, and we encourage you to also show your support in any way that you can.

Government Reforms

Personal Injury Legislation Changes – Spring 2013

Express Solicitors campaigned heavily against the government’s proposed Personal Injury legislation changes, which were unfortunately implemented on April 1st 2013.  

These changes mean that regrettably clients will lose up to 25% of their compensation award to cover the cost of legal fees, as these can no longer be recovered from the defendants.

You can find more information on our campaigning below,  please click on the links for more information:

1. Managing Partner, James Maxey’s, written letter response to the consultation: ‘Reducing the number and cost of whiplash claims’.

2. Managing Partner, James Maxey’s blog ‘Let Them Eat Cake’, addresses the key issues the new personal injury legislation will bring to clients and law firms.

3. Managing Partner, James Maxey’s, written letter to the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State Justice – Chris Grayling. The letter raises concerns about the new legislation changes, highlighting the inequality in the new reforms considering that Express Solicitors does not pay referral fees for claims.

Legal Funding Reforms 


Fighting The Media ‘Hype’ About Whiplash Claims

The media often use attention grabbing headlines about whiplash claims and point the finger at Personal Injury law firms for the ever increasing costs of car insurance premiums. However, in 2012 claims for whiplash actually fell by 24,000 so it does not seem logical that compensation claimants are to blame for the rising cost of premiums.

Click on the links below to hear the ‘other side’ to the story of rising premiums and make your own mind up about who is to blame for the rising cost of car insurance in the UK.

1. APIL Whiplash Report 2012 sheds light on the decreasing number of whiplash claims and how insurance companies are the most likely stakeholder to encourage you to pursue a whiplash compensation claim, following a car accident.

2. Managing Partner, James Maxey’s blog titled ‘With 2670 Fraudulent Insurance Claimes Weekly, Why Wont The ABI Share Their Data?’

3. Partner, Rachel Flannigan’s blog ‘So, When Will Our Car Insurance Premiums Reduce?’, highlights how unlikely it is that now the legal reforms have been implemented, car insurers will actually reduce our premiums.