Covid-19 Control Measures for Express Solicitors and OnTime Reports 

This policy has been developed specifically in relation to covid-19 and the measures taken at Express Solicitors and OnTime Reports Ltd to help staff to work safely.  We will keep in active discourse with all our staff and no member is allowed to return to the office environment unless permitted to do so by a member of the management team, including your department head.  We anticipate a gradual return to the office of non-furloughed staff from June and have surveyed all our staff on their individual circumstances.  Where possible to do so, the large majority of staff are able to work from home while the governments stages are in transition.  We have a duty to consult with staff and we wish to reduce workplace risk to the lowest reasonably practical level.

As a direct result of COVID-19 we have ensured:

  1. Hand washing facilities remain available in all offices and remains the best way to protect yourself, washing regularly and often.
  2. Increasing the frequency of surface cleaning especially in high touch areas (kitchens, hand rails, toilet doors, locks etc)
  3. Made masks available in all our 4 office locations.
  4. Made non-latex rubber gloves available in all our 4 office locations.
  5. There will be hand sanitizer available all kitchens and common areas and will be replenished and topped up as required
  6. Doors will be kept open where possible (internal doors) to minimize high touch areas
  7. Social distancing will be our first aim through a combination of measures including moving desks further apart, granting work from home on a rotation basis if applicable (fixed team partnering where possible), and keeping this under review, introducing further measures if necessary. We are monitoring and reviewing the NCT area as a particular focus at present.
  8. Using back to back or side to side working rather than face to face where possible.
  9. Not allowing hot desking of any kind – staff must use their own designated desk and equipment
  10. Guidance posters on hand washing, glove usage, wearing masks, and sanitizing after using e.g. communal photocopiers in all offices.
  11. Staff members must not attend work if they have a temperature. They must report to HR and we have bought a number of home testing kits which should be available in the coming weeks.  This will help our staff make sensible decisions to sign off sick or work from home where possible.  The tests are only to help your consultation with NHS or medically trained personnel, they are not definitive.
  12. No group meetings or training will take place where social distancing cannot be maintained. We anticipate the very great majority of group meetings will take place via MS Teams, the same for training.
  13. Communal areas such as the internal table and chairs in the kitchens have been removed.
  14. Kitchens will have a suggested maximum of 2 persons at any one time.
  15. We have bike racks available and encourage staff to walk, cycle or run to work (single showers are available in Resolution House on the 1st Floor).
  16. Cleaning guidance for staff before / after shower usage.
  17. Reduce any external contact such as client visits.
  18. Ensured remote access to all staff who can work from home has been given, loaning equipment in the short term to achieve this.
  19. Suspending the no “no windows open while air conditioning is on” – staff may have both and good ventilation is important
  20. Asked all staff to update their In Case of Emergency (ICE) details to assist contact tracing, should it be necessary.
  21. Asked all staff to make sure they have a thermometer (we have a small number available)
  22. Asked all staff to give consideration to getting their home IT set up in the coming months incase flexibility it needed to work from home and from the office. We can usually only supply one machine per staff member.

We will give first priority for employees who are shielding due to a health condition and where possible allowing these staff to work from home in the longer term.

No-one is obliged to work in an unsafe environment.  We encourage all staff to speak to any member of the HR team (Carole, Emily, Nageena currently) in the first instance if you have concerns after the survey has been reviewed.  All staff members must tell a member of the HR team if they feel further employee representatives would be useful.  As a medium size employer we believe staff feel comfortable just approaching us and telling us of any concerns but we are happy to elect representatives which is recommended in the non-statutory guidance.  Our chief aim is to work with all staff members with a view to collaboration, trust and joint problem solving.

The government’s current advice is what we intend to follow.  At the time of writing, this is to:

Stay alert

We can all help control the virus if we all stay alert. This means you must:

  • stay at home as much as possible
  • work from home if you can
  • limit contact with other people
  • keep your distance if you go out (2 metres apart where possible)
  • wash your hands regularly

Do not leave home if you or anyone in your household has symptoms.