Express Solicitors is committed to reducing the impact of its activities on the environment and recognises that its carbon footprint results mainly from the following activities:

  • Procurement and use of manufactured and natural resources at our offices (such as paper and electricity)
  • Waste generation from our offices
  • Energy use through travel

The firm has taken a number of steps to ensure sustainable practices by eliminating any unnecessary waste and minimising energy usage.

Express Solicitors email documentation to its clients who are encouraged to opt into this method of contact and the firm operate as a paperless office. Express Solicitors also use Proclaim which is a computer based case management system that also helps to reduce paper usage.

The firm encourages all employees to recycle as much as possible, which includes paper waste, plastic waste, and cardboard waste. In 2013, the firm recycled over 1 tonne of old light fittings and donated the scrap metal value of £100.00 to the Trussell Trust charity.

At the offices based in Northenden and Wythenshawe, the firm installed eco-friendly light bulbs, which use a third of the energy than the previous ones. Express Solicitors have also invested in new equipment that has led to a substantial reduction of overall energy usage.

The firm encourages its employees to car share or carpool and there are also bike storage facilities available on site for those wishing to cycle to work.

Express Solicitors continue to ensure that its practices are sustainable and remain committed to helping improve the environment.