Poisoning Claims

If you have suffered food, carbon monoxide, pesticide or any other form of poisoning and believe that it was the fault of another individual, you may be eligible to make a poisoning compensation claim, and launch a prosecution under UK criminal law.

Poisoning compensation is awarded to help victims overcome the after-effects of illness and injury directly caused by poisoning, as well as compensating them and their families for any pain and suffering caused.

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Common Poisoning Claims

Typically, poisoning claims relate to one of the following forms of poisoning:

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Often caused by poorly maintained gas appliances, the repercussions of carbon monoxide poisoning can be severe; symptoms include headaches, nausea, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, loss of balance and dizziness. If you are worried that you are suffering from the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning, switch off your gas and contact a doctor immediately.
  • Food Poisoning: If the food you are served in a restaurant or café has been prepared in an unsafe environment, is out of date or has not been cooked or stored correctly, you may experience food poisoning. Symptoms can vary greatly, from nausea and vomiting to fever and exhaustion.
  • Pesticide Poisoning: Pesticide exposure can be extremely harmful to humans, with potential symptoms including abdominal pain, headaches, vomiting, and respiratory problems. Pesticide poisoning can also lead to more long term illnesses and skin disorders.

Whatever form of poisoning you have experienced, get in touch with the experienced personal injury lawyers at Express Solicitors to discuss a potential claim for financial compensation.

Making a Poisoning Compensation Claim

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Holiday Poisoning Claim

Was your holiday ruined by a bout of food poisoning? Do you suspect that poor hygiene at a restaurant or resort was to blame? If so, you may be eligible to claim financial compensation for any medical costs you incurred, not to mention loss of enjoyment.

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Can I Claim Compensation?

If food poisoning has ruined your holiday, you may be entitled to claim financial compensation. Holiday food poisoning is often caused by:

  • poor sanitation in the local area;
  • poor hygiene in food preparation areas at a resort;
  • exposure to unfamiliar germs;
  • a large amount of people using limited facilities;
  • hot weather and insects increasing the risk of infection;

Of these causes of holiday food poisoning, we find the most common to be negligence on the part of hotel cleaning staff or kitchen workers. In such cases, it is possible to make a claim for financial compensation providing you can prove that your holiday illness was the result of another person’s negligent behaviour.

Your Claim

If you plan to make a claim for compensation following a bout of food poisoning, it is helpful if you collect as much information as possible about your illness and the hotel, resort or restaurant’s health and safety policy. Try to find other guests who are experiencing similar symptoms and take their contact details, and also take photographs of any examples of poor hygiene you find around the hotel, particularly in food preparation areas.

If you don’t have the above information, don’t worry; simply contact the experienced holiday food poisoning lawyers at Express Solicitors. We are capable of handling every aspect of your compensation claim, and will be happy to provide free legal advice with regards to the validity of your claim.