Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer can present itself with symptoms of coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain and weight loss.

A common cause of lung cancer can be those who have had exposure at some point in their employment to a cancer causing agent such as asbestos, which can also be the cause of another lung disease,  mesothelioma. 


Those most at risk of coming into contact with potentially contracting lung cancer during the course of their employment are:

  • miners
  • dock workers
  • factory workers
  • demolition workers
  • building inspectors
  • workers at asbestos plants
  • insulators
  • labourers
  • maintenance workers
  • engineers
  • decorators
  • roofers

Those who have worked in professions where there has been exposure to the harmful asbestos fibres may be at risk of developing lung cancer.

In most cases, exposure to the harmful asbestos fibres happened a long time (sometimes decades) ago before it was known that such materials could cause long-term health repercussions.

Usually individuals don’t experience symptoms straight away; in fact it can be years after the initial exposure to the asbestos fibres that health problems begin to present themselves.    

Asbestos related lung cancer can be caused by a small or limited amount of exposure.

It is not necessarily just those who have had workplace or immediate contact with asbestos material as it is possible that family members at home who have come into contact with the clothes of a worker could be exposed to the asbestos fibres.

Your Claim

At Express Solicitors we have the experience and expertise to help trace the history of a company to find an insurer on cover. Due to the fact that in many instances the exposure took place many decades ago it is important to find an insurer to pursue compensation from.

This means that ultimately we will trace a party to sue who will pay out if a claim is successful.

The 3 year time period in which to bring a claim for personal injury begins to run from the date of the accident or the claimant’s date of knowledge. In claims of this type the date of knowledge tends to begin when a person is diagnosed with an asbestos related condition as opposed to the date of exposure.

Pursuing a personal injury claim for lung cancer can be important in order to pay for any necessary medical care.

If you are suffering from a condition such as mesothelioma or are terminally ill there are fast track procedures available in order to ensure your claim is dealt with more quickly by the Courts.