My life as a trainee Hannah Mycock

Life as a Trainee Solicitor at Express Solicitors is incredibly rewarding and interesting.

Express Solicitors is not like other law firms. You are given a lot a responsibility very early on in your career, meaning you build knowledge and experience right from day one. I started at the firm as a Junior Litigation Executive in February 2018. I was given a case load of low value Road Traffic Accident (RTA) claims and was in charge of running them to completion/settlement on the RTA Portal. In January 2019, I was promoted, and was given a different case load of higher value litigated cases that had the potential to Hannah Mycockrun to Trial. I then began my Training Contract in September 2019 and am coming towards the end of my first seat.

While completing your Training Contract at Express, you keep your own case load, but take on work from other areas to develop your skills and understanding. This is very fulfilling as you can continue to take your cases to conclusion, which is very satisfying, while still learning and improving.

As a Trainee you have the opportunity take part in team/firm social events, as well as events with the Manchester Trainee Solicitors Group. This means that your exposure to other law firms, and the opportunity to network and learn from each other, is vast.

The best thing about working at Express is certainly the team. Everyone is always more than happy to assist each other where they can.

Throughout my career at Express, I have been provided with plenty of support and supervision, meaning that I feel confident in running my own case load day to day. You are always pushed to achieve as much as possible. The senior members of the team have a wealth of practice experience that we can learn from, and they are always happy to help. There is definitely an open-door policy at Express!

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