Life as a trainee Lucia Filidoro

I started in the New Client Team before being promoted to RTA. Whilst in RTA I was able to paralegal for one of the Partners which was extremely valuable to my legal knowledge and after completing my LPC in October 2019 I was promoted to a trainee.Lucia Filidoro

One of the best things is the close relationship with supervisors and senior members of staff. Everyone has a team head who is easily approachable and helpful. I currently run an MIB/ RTA case load, so I was already in a better position when it came to starting my MIB/CICA seat. My time management skills have improved as I have had to complete my training diary alongside my current case load.

The whole RTA team in particular my buddy Katie are always on hand to offer help and guidance and working as a team is one of the best things about the department.

As a trainee we are allowed to attend the MTSG events which I am looking forward to and there is always some social event going on whether it be within the department or firm wide.

There is varied training throughout the firm, including webinars, department specific training and external out of the office events. We recently had John McQuater do a whole days training to update us on PI and clinical negligence.

I feel like Express Solicitors are really invested in making me the best solicitor I can be, in particular ensuring I have the support I need to develop my skills and the training to give me the knowledge.

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