Life as a Trainee Solicitor – Jack Andrew

Jack Andrew HeadJack Andrew is a Trainee Solicitor at Express Solicitors, having initially joined the firm in July 2013. Jack works in the Costs department of the firm and runs his own Costs case load; he was offered a training contract at Express Solicitors in January 2015.

In the first 6 months of his training contract, Jack completed a CICA/MIB seat. Jack worked alongside Senior Partner, Robin Patey on a big MIB case and had the opportunity to take a verbatim statement from a client. During this time, Jack also did work for Rachel Flannigan which involved drafting a schedule of loss and reviewing medical evidence.

During the second seat of the training contract, Jack has been working on some of Sharon Denby’s personal injury cases. Working on these cases has given Jack the opportunity to; do a pre-action disclosure application at Macclesfield County Court, draft letters of claim, take statements, and give instructions to counsel and medical experts.  Jack is soon going to attend a conference with Sharon in London to advise a client regarding a £100,000.00 + settlement on a complex case, where the client is suffering from complex regional pain syndrome.

Whilst doing the seats of the training contract, Jack has maintained his own costs case load and attended court on quite a few occasions. Specifically for cost case management conferences for budgeting, and most notably on his own costs file which went to an oral hearing in Altrincham County Court. Jack attended the hearing with specialist costs counsel and they were successful on a fairly novel point regarding recoverability of counsel fees (disbursements). Jack was fee earning prior to starting his training contract, but since becoming a trainee his case load has grown.

Whilst completing his training contract, Jack has also attended a number of in-house training sessions in the form of webinars and presentations. Jack has also attended a few MTSG events and has been to Kenworthy’s Chambers a couples of times for the lecture circuit. Jack is due to commence the Professional Skills course next year and will also complete the in-house Express PI Certificate.

When asked what he likes best about working as a Trainee Solicitor at Express Solicitors, Jack commented: “The training at Express Solicitors has been exceptional and under the tutelage of the senior members of the firm I feel like I am constantly developing my skills and learning new things. Having the responsibility of managing my own case load has been challenging, but by using my fee earning skills and working in a team, I am able to manage and work efficiently.”

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