Defective Medicine

Occasionally, patients will visit the pharmacy to collect their prescription and due to human error are handed the incorrect medication or the wrong dosage. This type of mistake can result in serious health implications for the individual. Another possibe issue with medication is sometimes the drug itself. Some drugs can cause serious side-effects and may have to be withdrawn from the UK marketplace, if found to be potentially dangerous.

Reasons for defective medicine claims may include:

  • Been dispensed the incorrect medication or the wrong dosage of medication.
  • Been prescribed medication which gave you other serious symptoms (e.g. hallucinations, abdominal pain).
  • Someone in your family that has died as a result of taking a particular medication.
  • Correct treatment delayed as a result of incorrect medication.

Your Claim

Express Solicitors has experience and expertise when dealing with defective medicine claims.

If either your GP or treating doctor has prescribed the wrong medicine, or your Pharmacy has dispensed the incorrect medication, you should contact Express Solicitors to discuss your claim.