Myths and Truths of Personal Injury Law

The business of personal injury law has received its fair share of criticisms over the past few years. Not only does this bad press tarnish the reputations of honest and hardworking solicitors, it also stops a lot of people who have been injured from filing a claim. Express Solicitors is committed to ensuring that those who have been injured have a fair chance of making a claim, so we’ve put together the top ten most commonly heard personal injury myths, followed by their truths.

Myth: By making a claim you become part of Britain’s ‘compensation culture’.

Truth: Although the government and the media constantly insist that British people will now claim for anything and everything, there has actually been no evidence to support this. In fact, recent figures have indicated that the ‘compensation culture’ is a complete myth. A report in April 2013 by ‘Which?’ actually showed that the number of people filing claims for compensation is the same as it was in 1989. This shows that the only people who make a personal injury claim are those who genuinely need help.

Myth: It will be years before your case is settled.

Truth: The majority of personal injury cases are straightforward and will take between 8 and 12 months to reach their conclusion. An example of a straightforward case is a road traffic accident where those involved have only suffered minor injuries. However more complex claims such as those involving medical negligence can take slightly longer to be settled. But the majority of this work is actually done by the solicitor handling your case, as the claimant’s main role is usually at the beginning when there is paperwork to be filled out.

Myth: All cases are time consuming and very complicated.

Truth: As mentioned earlier, the majority of personal injury claims are quite simple. Complexities only begin to emerge when liability is disputed or the injuries sustained are more serious. The only real inconvenience for the claimant is to complete the necessary paperwork once the case is opened. After that, the highly trained lawyers at Express Solicitors will take care of everything and do their very best to minimise inconvenience to you.

Myth: In order to get your compensation you will have to go to court.

Truth: This is not strictly true as Express Solicitors have dealt with dozens of cases where a claimant has won a claim and received compensation without setting foot in a courtroom. The majority of personal injury cases will actually be settled out of court as insurance companies prefer it if proceedings end amicably. However, a small number of cases do reach a courtroom hearing.

Myth: Whilst your claim is on-going you cannot receive medical treatment.

Truth: This is completely untrue. Not only will insurance companies be keen for you to make a full and quick recovery from your injuries, your recovery is actually a very important part of your claim. By studying how well or how poorly you have recovered from your injuries, the Doctors will be able to make an informed prognosis which can have an effect on your claim.

Myth: You’d be better off dealing directly with the insurance companies.

Truth: After an accident, many people believe that dealing directly with insurers rather than contacting a solicitor will be better for them. Although you will find that a conclusion will be reached quicker, you may actually miss out on receiving the full amount of compensation you deserve. The goal of an insurance company is to pay you as little as possible after an accident. By working with an independent law firm like Express Solicitors, our legal experts will ensure you get the full amount of compensation you deserve.

Myth: Making a claim can get you quick and easy money.

Truth: The road to receiving compensation doesn’t simply involve filing a claim and waiting for payment. Once you have made a claim with Express Solicitors, there is a very particular process that must be followed, and many issues are taken into consideration. You will be required to undergo an assessment by a medical expert to establish the extent of your injuries. Only then can it be determined how your life has been affected and what compensation you are entitled to.

Myth: Your employer will fire you for filing a claim against them.

Truth: It’s true that a lot of people fail to make a claim because they fear losing their job. But if your employer tries to fire you because you brought a personal injury claim against them then they would be liable for an unfair dismissal as you have the law on your side. Workers have a legal right to claim against their employers following an accident. By making a claim it is likely that you will encourage your employer to introduce new training or health and safety measures in order to prevent your accident from happening again.

Myth: Solicitors are only out for themselves.

Truth: The news nowadays is full of horror stories about the world of personal injury law. With rumours of bad deals and hidden legal fees, many people believe that solicitors are only after a quick payday. But that is certainly not the case at Express Solicitors. Our highly trained lawyers work on a complete ‘no win no fee’ basis and work extremely hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

Myth: Large organisations and companies are protected by the Law.

Truth: Contrary to popular belief, huge corporate firms aren’t protected against claims by their employees or the public. The law protects the public very well no matter where their accident occurred. Injured members of the public mustn’t be afraid of filing a claim against a large company. Express Solicitors is highly experienced at taking on corporations and will be there to support you every step of the way.

If you’ve been put off making a claim in the past because of any of the myths above and have decided it’s time to kick start the claiming process, get the help and compensation you deserve with the support of Express Solicitors. Call us today on 0161 904 4660.