New Tent for Whitegate Scouts

Express Solicitors were approached by 1st Whitegate Scout group for help in buying equipment. This is a newly formed group and must borrow equipment from other local scout groups whenever they want to do the more exciting activities. One of the mainstays of the scouting movement is camping and one of the more expensive items that the scout group needed was a tent big enough for them all to sit together and eat (a Mess Tent). This is an essential item in any scout group as often when they are away camping the weather is unkind to them. The £1000 donated by Express Solicitors will allow them to purchase a tent large enough for the whole group, including pack leaders, to eat together on camping trips when the weather is poor.Scouts

James Maxey, Managing Partner at Express Solicitors said “Scouting teaches young people valuable life skills that have been passed down over the years of scouting, from how to tie a knot to how to start a campfire. I know several people who have been through the scouting movement and all of them have benefited from the lessons they learned”

We hope that the Scout group have lots of fun and can sit and eat their meals in the dry.