Anna Pearson Passes The ‘Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme for Solicitors’ With Flying Colours


(Pictured above: Anna Pearson receiving a gift as congratulations) 

Anna Pearson, currently Litigation Executive at Express Solicitors, has passed the ‘Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme for Solicitors’ with flying colours! Anna originally from Sydney Australia was admitted as a lawyer to the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Australia in August 2011. Upon moving to the UK, Anna has had to transfer her legal qualifications to regain her solicitor status by cross-qualifying in England and Wales.

The exams for the qualification consisted of a 6 hour exam of 180 multiple choice questions across 11 areas of law, followed by 6 days of practical exams with 3 exams per day totalling 18 practical exams altogether.  Anna’s marks were 85% and 82% in the last round of exams and Express Solicitors would like to wish Anna massive congratulations for such an achievement.

Anna will soon be officially admitted onto the Role of Solicitors of England and Wales, to view her online profile please click here.

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