Cash Prizes For Employees As Monthly Targets Are Exceeded

In November 2012, employees managed to exceed the firm’s monthly target fee income of £533,428. In doing so, the Partners rewarded all employees by conducting a cash prize draw. There was a £50, £250, and £1000 cash prize up for grabs. The lucky winners were as follows:

£50 – Sumneet Bajwa

£250 – Catherine Rooney

£1000 – Rachel Diskin


 At the cash prize draw, rewards were also handed to members of staff who had performed exceptionally or whom had been nominated for spot prizes by their colleagues. Both Robert Weeden and Raana Afsarpour were awarded £500 to reflect their superb effort by exceeding their fee targets by over 300%!

Other awards for outstanding performance went to: Leanne Rowley, Craig Philips, Jonathan Flattery, Rachel McGurgan, Gemma Sage, Louise Higgins, Kevin Proctor and Catherine Rattigan.

Due to the fact that Business Development Manager, Gavin Redman, received so few nominations for a spot prize he was punished in the form of a bushtucker trial.  It certainly provided some good quality entertainment for Express employees. The trial saw Gavin painstakingly chomp through; weaver ants, mole crickets, sago worm larvae, silk worm pupae, weaver ants and flying grasshoppers! Eugh!

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