Express Solicitors Are Delighted To Offer A New Training Contract

Express Solicitors are delighted to announce the promotion of Costs Legal Executive, Abigail Charley who has been offered a training contract with the firm. Abigail has recently embarked on her two year training contract with Express Solicitors with the view of qualifying as a solicitor in 2018.

Abigail Charley

Abigail Charley

Abigail Charley joined the firm’s Costs team in September 2015 and has recently started her Training Contract in January 2016 to become a Solicitor.

When asked what Abigail enjoys most about working in the Costs department at Express Solicitors, Abigail answered: “I enjoy the variety of cases we get to work on in the department, and I am always interested to see how the claims develop and settle within the firm. I have not been at Express Solicitors for long but the costs department has made me feel very welcome and I immediately felt part of the team! I enjoy my job particularly because costs is an ever evolving area of law which requires attention to detail and knowledge of current case law and decisions which keeps us on our toes.”

Commenting on her expectations for the next couple years of training at Express Solicitors, Abigail answered: “I feel very pleased and honoured to be offered a Training Contract with the firm. I am looking forward to the additional challenges the training will bring, for example I have already had to make my first call to a Client which was an odd experience for me having been in costs for the whole of my career to date! Whilst I will be learning plenty over the next few years the credit is to the firm for providing an excellent training program and support.”

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