Express Solicitors Easter Vacation Scheme

(From Left: Keyan Hartley & Charlene Fernandes are pictured above with Recruitment & Training officer – Luiza Da Costa)

Each year, Express Solicitors runs an Easter Vacation Scheme for students currently studying for their Legal Practice Course (LPC). Between the 2nd and 5th April, Keyan Hartley and Charlene Fernandes, both students from Manchester Metropolitan University joined Express to take part in work experience.  

In order to be offered the opportunity to work with Express both students had to go through a recruitment process. Firstly, applicants were shortlisted by Manchester Metropolitan University. They then had to complete a letters of claim exercise, and the final step involved a telephone interview. Keyan won the top work experience prize and got the opportunity to work in different departments within the firm to get a great overview of the services offered at Express. Charlene was runner-up and her work experience involved working with Daniel Slade on the high-profile Avandia cases.

(From Left: HR Manager Carole Jones, Charlotte Heads, Rachel Preston & NCT Team Leader Beth Paliga)

From 8th to 12th April, Charlotte Heads and Rachel Preston also completed work experience at Express; they are both currently studying for their LPC’s at the College of Law in Manchester. Like the candidates from Manchester Metropolitan University, Charlotte and Rachel had to undergo a recruitment process in order to be offered a place on the Easter vacation scheme. The recruitment process for College of Law applicants involved writing a short essay, and finally taking a personal injury technical test.

For more information on work placements available at Express, please click on the link:

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