Express Solicitors Featured In The Guardian Newspaper In Relation To Avandia

(The Avandia article in The Guardian published on 30.01.2013)

On the 30th January 2013, The Guardian newspaper published an article about pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and a diabetes drug they have manufactured – Avandia.

The licence for Avandia was withdrawn across Europe in September 2010, after evidence found that it could cause heart failure and heart attacks. In the US, GSK has agreed to pay billions of dollars to settle compensation claims to victims and their families. However, families in the UK may find it difficult to get compensation and can expect lengthy court battles.

Partner at Express Solicitors, Daniel Slade, commented in the article: “It is very disappointing. We anticipate that these claims do have a good prospect of success, but they still have to prove their case in the UK with suitable evidence. They are tasked with having to produce that evidence, including medical expert opinion. It is a burden one would have thought they might not have to go through.”

Mr Slade currently has 19 Avandia cases on his books and has begun proceedings against GSK in four of them.

If you or someone you know has been effected by Avandia please feel free to contact us for free legal advice on 0800 158 5274.

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