Express Staff Climbing to support Forever Manchester

As it turns out you cannot fit a dog into a climbing harness. Not that Shadow,climbing 027_1 the 3-month-old black lab was not willing, but no matter how hard we tried we just could not do it. So it was decided that we would have to do it.

We being a team from Express Solicitors who decided to go climbing to try and raise as much money for Forever Manchester. Forever Manchester is an amazing charity which fund a huge range of actives for great causes around the Manchester area.

The challenge was simple or so it seems. To take a group of novice climbers and try to climb one of the highest indoor walls in the UK.  Shadow of course came to support and cheer us on. The team was made up of Adam Nowell, Tom Pinney, Matthew Sudbury, Emily Scanlon, Clare Hurst, Rachel Price, Olivia Holroyd, William O’Brien and Paul Streets.climbing 087

We arrived and had a warm up on the traverse which is a wall where you are no more than a foot off the ground, but you climb sideways across the wall and around corners. Some of the team thought that was trickery but it was only going to get harder. We then had to put our harnesses on and had a go on the upright walls. Starting off slow we climbed an easy wall to get used to the harness and the ropes.

We then progressed onto a larger wall and finally the big wall. A massive 21 meters up. Everyone had a go and made it most of the way up. There were a few falls but luckily the ropes held. Everyone had a great time but there was a few sore arms.climbing 036

We have raised nearly £400 for this amazing cause and hope to raise more. A big thank you to our team for having a go and Awesome Walls Stockport for letting us do it.


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