Gavin Redman & Carole Jones Promoted to Associate Partners

Gavin & Carole - Express Solicitors

Express Solicitors has promoted Gavin Redman and Carole Jones to Associate Partners following the firm’s recent ABS conversion.

Redman heads up the Business Development and Marketing department and Jones heads up the Human Resources department at Express Solicitors, which was granted an Alternative Business Structure (ABS) licence from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) on 1 April 2014.

Managing Partner at Express Solicitors, James Maxey said:  “As part of our ABS status we can have non-legal partners and it’s fantastic to be able to reward Gavin and Carole with a promotion for their hard work and expertise.  Both have been integral to the ongoing success of the firm as it grows in an increasingly competitive market and in what is a very difficult climate for the legal sector.

carole and gav

“Gavin has worked extremely hard in a marketing role to get us the media and online exposure that has led to significant growth for the firm while also experiencing huge success in bringing in new business.

“At the same time, Carole has overseen the company increase from 90 to 148 employees and worked with the partners to improve processes and performance throughout.  Carole has also developed our talent management, which makes us stand out as an employer of choice due to high levels of commitment to training and development, as well as an appetite to make the necessary changes to survive and thrive.

“For some time the firm’s strategy has been to develop a management board with top lawyers and professionals, in order to give it a more corporate governance structure.  We’ve had consistently strong growth in profitability over the years – last year reporting a 35% increase in fee income to £7.2m for the year end in 2013 – despite the changes in law that actually make it harder for personal injury law firms to succeed.   We believe operating as an ABS will keep us on the right track going forward.”

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