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Express Partner, Robin Patey, was featured in 31st March 2013 edition of The Mail on Sunday in an article relating to the new personal injury legislation changes. The article was titled: ‘Deciding to claim was not something I entered into lightly: Injured motorists face law fees in crackdown on bogus whiplash claims.’

The news story shed light on the government reforms due to be implemented the following day on the 1st April 2013. A client of Express Solicitors’, Anne Spoor, was also featured in the article (see image above). Anne Spoor, 62, is a semi-retired nurse from Sale in Greater Manchester. She was badly injured in a coach crash in 2008, injuring her arms and shoulders seriously enough to require surgery on two separate occasions. Due to her injuries, Anne now struggles with daily activities such as carrying shopping and driving. She also feels unable to apply for any active nursing roles as she may struggle to carry medical equipment in the case of an emergency for example.  

Anne received £6,000 for her injuries and the legal costs were paid for by the defendants, which in this case was the coach company. However, now that the law has changed Anne could only expect to receive £4,500 for her injury as her compensation would be cut by 25% to cover the costs of legal fees. Anne commented: “Deciding to claim was certainly not something I entered into lightly. The accident had a substantial effect on me and I feel sorry for other genuine people who will be put off and lose out.”

Robin Patey stated: “It’s a scandal. The Government has decided to reduce the cost for the insurance industry and shift it on to victims. There is an inequality of arms between individuals bringing a claim and insurance companies that have the money and expertise to defend it.”

For more information on the long campaign Express Solicitors fought against the legislation changes, please visit our Campaigns page.

To read the full article on the Daily Mail website please click on the link here:–innocent-forced-pay.html

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