Personal Injury Lawyer Warns Of Sofa Danger Following Woman`s Death Reports

A North West personal injury lawyer is once again urging people to be aware of a batch of problem leather sofas from Argos, Land of Leather and Walmsley Furnishing, after a family has claimed their mother died from a severe reaction to a toxic Chinese sofa bought at Argos.

Some of the sofas have been causing injury to consumers after allegedly being contaminated with chemicals applied to their surface.

Elizabeth McLaughlin 59, fell ill after her friend bought the Argos Bari set last May and gave her the recliner.

The stores have issued a recall notice about certain batches of furniture on sale, following complaints from customers of an allergic skin reaction causing blistering, burns, rashes and itching.

James Maxey, managing partner at Express Solicitors in Northenden said: “We have been fielding lots of calls from angry customers who wish to claim compensation for the discomfort they’ve been through.”

“We are urging people to be aware of the dangers as they might not have a reaction straight away. Anybody who does have a reaction should, if possible, take photographic evidence to back their case.

“A personal injury specialist could even pursue a claim for you if you have been to visit somebody and been affected by their sofa.”

“Obviously the compensation will be dependent on the severity of the symptoms, which reportedly vary from mild to very painful and severe.”

“Argos has recalled the sofas from the affected batches but this has come too late for some consumers, who have been forced to seek medical attention. The company has offered to replace any affected sofas but anyone seeking compensation will require specialist legal advice.”

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