Unique Case Reported on Lawtel

At Express Solicitors we are pleased to inform you that one of our cases has been reported in Lawtel. Lawtel is a subscription based online legal research tool providing subscribers with a wide range of legal information. It is generally used by members of the legal profession such as solicitors, barristers and legal researchers. Lawtel reports on unique cases that can often change the way in which future personal injury cases are dealt with.

The case in Lawtel that Express Solicitors’ worked on involved a young girl eating a tuna sandwich when she then began to choke on a fish bone. The young girl struggled for breath but luckily she was saved by a family friend in the same room as he repeatedly hit her back in order to dislodge the bone. The tuna had been bought at a Tesco supermarket store and there had been no warning on the tin about a potential choking hazard from fish bones.

This case was especially unique as the claimant was only 3years old when the accident happened and as a result of the incident she developed a phobia about food that lasted for 26months. Her phobia meant that she refused to eat any food containing bones, and made her reluctant to eat without her mother present. The claimant was awarded £5750 in damages (in part) to pay for cognitive behavioural therapy costs.

Please find the case under document number AM0202050 on Lawtel.

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