Anisabela Cristovao

Litigation Executive
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Anisabela Cristovao is a Litigation Executive in the Road Traffic Accident department, having joined the firm as a Litigation Assistant in June 2019.

When asked what she enjoys most about her role at Express, Anisabela explained, “I love how interesting and diverse the cases in RTA are. No case is ever identical to another, which I did not expect before joining the department. You never know what your day in the role will consist of, as each case is so complex and dynamic.”

Anisabela also commented, “Sympathy is easy to come across, but not everyone can be empathetic. I believe my empathetic nature sets me apart. Having the ability to put yourself in the shoes of your clients is an invaluable trait to have, because once you realise the extent of just how much your client’s life has been affected by the accident and their injuries, you’ll have even more of a drive and desire to achieve the best results for them.”

One of Anisabela’s biggest achievements is becoming a published author.

Anisabela lives in Ardwick, Manchester.

Anisabela enjoys keeping busy in her free time, from singing to learning new languages. “I love singing and writing songs in my free time. I also love learning languages; I’m fluent in four languages, and I’m also currently learning my fifth language, Arabic. I’m currently also running a blog highlighting my lifestyle as well as my legal journey.”

Anisabela’s favourite quote is by William Ernest Henley-

“I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul”