Christopher Hibbert

Partner - RTA
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Christopher Hibbert is a Partner in the Road Traffic Accident department at Express Solicitors, having  joined us in May 2018.

Chris works on a variety of cases involving Road Traffic Accidents, including those with difficult procedural nuances and Appeals. When asked about his role, Chris Commented “I take full advantage of the opportunities the rules and precedent provide, by interpreting them, by questioning them, and at times testing their meaning to accommodate what I need for my clients. I ignore and often disagree with anecdote, or the perceptions that seem to riddle the legal profession who make far too many assumptions about the way in which court will react to a particular point or issue. I have the courage and patience to ignore the easy option and take the far more difficult path if it helps my client or the practice.”

“I actively seek out the cases that others would not run, either due to prospects in general, or difficulties with respect to clients, heads of loss, evidence, or circumstance, or due to their sheer complexity, and run those cases to trial whenever possible.”

“I am not foolhardy, or reckless, but I believe I take in to account aspects that others may not necessarily identify when deciding whether a case is worth pursuing. For example, many scenarios may not pass a cold balance of probabilities consideration, but nonetheless have a ring of truth about them where a court may accept the version due to some issue on the periphery that seems obscure, but in fact may simply show that the claimant is entirely consistent, even where their version is likely to be unusual. Alternatively, purely as an example, on occasion one can be confident that a defendant will not cooperate with their insurer, or make a good witness, or may in fact refused to attend trial resulting in a default win. Sometimes circumstance conspires against a genuine claimant, who may face manifest unfairness simply because of a circumstance beyond their control. There are ways and means of succeeding in those cases, and those are the most satisfying cases to win.”

Chris went on to say “I qualified as a solicitor in 1998. I became known as a rabid claimant solicitor. I emigrated to Australia in 2004 on the basis that English solicitors had a right to be admitted to the role of solicitors in Queensland as of right. “

“Due to the delays in the visa process by the time I arrived in Australia the statutory provisions were repealed, literally 17 days earlier. I successfully challenged the statutory provisions which effected the repeal and was the last English lawyer to be admitted by a special sitting of the Queensland Court of Appeal under the act that repealed the previous provisions. In other words, the loophole I asserted was accepted but then closed immediately after my admission. As far as I’m aware nobody has since that time successfully been admitted to the role of the solicitors without undergoing full university and training qualification or undergoing a complex process to obtain exemptions in respect of the same.”

“Whilst in Australia I learned their systems of personal injury law, which are many and complex, successfully ran two cases to appeal which altered the legal framework for the rights of injured workers and became manager of a branch office of the second largest personal injury law firm in Australia.”

“In the UK I have always worked a dual supervisory and solicitor role, running more complicated cases and appeals. I have appealed cases successfully where others would not consider an appeal is having any merit, and always lived up to my reputation as a rabid claimant Solicitor.”

Chris currently lives in Whitefield in Manchester. Chris has four hobbies – “The first are my partner and 11-year-old son. They are equally demanding.

Secondly, I am a part-time group fitness gym instructor, taking Insanity, P90X, Body Pump, Box fit, Circuit Training and Functional Fitness classes.

My third hobby is Tough Mudder style assault course racing (10+ in a good year).

My fourth hobby is training German Shepherd dogs. Sadly, my last two died in late 2017 of very old age, but I’m ready for two more in the next few months.”