Helen Murdoch

Associate Solicitor
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Helen Murdoch is an Associate Solicitor in the Occupier’s and Public Liability Department. Working closely with Partner Sarah Mawdsley, Helen is able to work on a number of unusual and complicated cases and will be able to further her knowledge and experience of Occupiers and Public Liability.

When asked about the role, Helen said: “I enjoy the variety of the job and the direct contact that I have with clients along with other professionals. I like to develop a rapport with clients to ensure that they feel comfortable talking to me whilst knowing that I will always aim to get them the best possible outcome. I enjoy the feeling that I get knowing that I have helped someone who was injured through no fault of their own.”

Helen strives to make a real difference in her work, explaining: “I ensure that I listen to my clients to ensure that I provide the best possible advice and I will always do what I can to ensure that the best outcome is reached for my clients.”

Prior to starting work at Express Solicitors, Helen completed a LLB Law Degree at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2010 and completed a part time LPC at the University of Sheffield. She also has experience with claimant employment law and believes her background in civil litigation will greatly benefit her in the future.


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Outside of work, Helen’s favourite pastimes involve cooking and baking and she admits to being addicted to the Food Network channel! She loves to experiment with recipes to see if she can replicate dishes that she has watched on TV or eaten out in a restaurant.

Away from the cookbooks, Helen loves to explore the world around her. Whether it’s in the UK or abroad, she prefers exploring new places and soaking up the culture and environment. Her favourite quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson shows her love of travelling: “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”