Luke Rimmer

Cost Litigation Executive
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Luke Rimmer is a Costs Litigation Executive at Express Solicitors, having joined the firm in November 2018.

Luke has received training on budgets as well as Red Line Bills. His day to day tasks includes drafting incurred budgets, Red Line Bills for Detailed Assessment & working on his caseload.

When asked what Luke likes best about his role he commented, “Having a great team of people is a massive part of the job, they help keep you sane when busy! I enjoy learning about different case law and applying the same to current cases to get the best settlement for costs. However, one of my favourite things is the fact that each case is different and challenging.”

“I make a difference to the team by completing my tasks on time and helping others when urgent work comes in. I will go out of my way in order to achieve the best outcome on a case, whether that be my own or somebody else’s. I also like to think I put a smile on the people’s faces around me (whether that be laughing with me or at me).”

Luke previously worked at a law firm which specialised in Industrial Disease claims for over two years.  “This helped me gain a good knowledge of costs, which gave me a good opportunity to start working with Express and further my knowledge.”

Luke grew up in Poynton however moved down the road to Hazel Grove when he was 17 years old.

“I play football twice a week, soon to be three when I start Sunday league again – trying to get fit is proving a difficult task! I have a little Shih-Tzu called Cleo, which I enjoy taking her for walks with my other half. Being near the likes of Lyme Park and such has its benefits, although her little legs can only take her so far before she needs to have a lie down. However, binge watching a series on Netflix is always a good way to spend an evening or two!”

Luke’s favourite quote –

“What John Carew can do with a football; I can do with an orange” – Zlatan Ibrahimovic