Tanya Atkinson

ICT Trainer
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Tanya joined Express in 2016 as an ICT Trainer having gained a degree in Computer Networking and previously worked as a qualified teacher in schools across Manchester.

“I am a qualified teacher with years of experience on dealing with every type of learner, when I am in the classroom I can quickly decide on the pace and adapt to my audience. I think without my teacher training and experience I wouldn’t be able to deliver as well.”

When asked what she most enjoys about her role, Tanya replied: “I really enjoy being able to work with every department of the firm which helps me to get to know everyone a bit better. Teaching is what I feel I do best and when I hear feedback that what I’ve thought is being used to improve the efficiency of their work I can’t help but smile.”

Tanya enjoys spending most evenings training for a race, whether it be cycling indoors on her turbo trainer or heading out for a quick run and squeezing in a swim session all around looking after her 15 month old daughter.

Tanya enjoys signing up for races as it gives her the motivation to train, it’s also a great way to destress after a busy day! As well as training, Tanya enjoys being in the kitchen cooking up new recipes, especially anything healthy but tasty!