Tracey Bennett

Senior Associate FCILEx
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Tracey Bennett is a Senior Associate FCILEx is the Employers Liability department at Express Solicitors, having joined the firm in August 2019.

“I have over 30 years’ experience working in London, Manchester and Birmingham, all for well-known large PI firms, always for the Claimant.  Proud now to be working with Express.”

“The chance to make a difference – I take on difficult cases that may have been turned by others.  I am prepared to give those difficult cases a chance.  I only act for individual employees, never the employer.”

“I specialise in helping individuals who have had accidents whilst in the workplace, through no fault of their own.” Tracey takes pride in representing employees who have suffered injuries in the workplace as a result of their employers’ negligence.

“I take pride in my work.   Every client matters. Every client is an individual.  Every case is different.  I listen, I empathise, and I take a chance.  Every client is treated the same, with professionalism and compassion.  Every client is important.”

Tracey’s achievements she explains are, “My children, all doing well, succeeding and being successful in their own right.”

“I am dedicated to offering a high-quality, professional and supportive service to all my clients.  I take on difficult cases that may have been turned down by others.  For example, a client who tripped over sticky labels hanging from the desk in the reception area secured £18,000 in damages when she landed heavily on her knees – liability remained denied but the Judge agreed the employer’s continued refusal to provide a basket to place the labels in amounted to negligence.  This was turned down by a large well-known law firm as having no prospects.”

Prior to joining Express Solicitors, Tracey Completed her FCILEx and came top in the whole of the UK on the tort paper. Tracey commented, “Working full time, commuting and studying full time is never easy, so to gain a distinction and the highest mark in the UK was an amazing achievement for me.   I admire all my young colleagues who are starting out on their careers, working full time and studying so hard.  It is not easy, but the results are worth it. If I can share some of my knowledge and experience with them to help them on their journey in the law, then I know it has all been worthwhile.”

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Tracey born in Oxford, now lives in the Newcastle under Lyme.

Tracey enjoys diving, reading and learning Greek in her spare time.

Her favourite quote is by Von Goethe-

“Live each day as though your life had just begun”